Zakat Calculator

The form below can be filled out online and printed, or can be downloaded for manual calculation.

Note: Data you enter on this form is not saved in the website.

Directions: Enter the dollar amount in the boxes for each category. Click the Tab Key to scroll through the boxes.

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Zakat Chicago

Zakat Calculation Form

Total Amount OR Current $ Value
1.Amount of cash saved (Note 1)
2.Current value of owned gold, silver and jewelry
3.Cash value of stocks, shares, etc. (Note 1)
4.Restricted Funds (e.g., IRA, 401k, etc.). Net amount that would be available to withdraw after paying applicable penalty, fees (if any) and taxes (Note 2)
5.Net rental income
6.Value of trade inventory, cash and receivables, minus payables from business
7. Gross Total Amount 
(Add lines 1-6)
8.Personal net debt (Loans payable this year, minus loans expected to be repaid to you this year)
9. Net Amount 
(Subtract line 8 from line 7)
Compare line 9 with “Nisaab” =$ as of February 2, 2024 (see Note 3).
10.Zakat for this year (Only if line 9 is more than Nisaab, multiply line 9 by 0.025)
11.Zakat payments already made this year, if any
12. Net Zakat Balance Due
 (Subtract line 11 from line 10)

Note 1: You may use the current value for ease of calculation or use the minimum amount during the last twelve months.

Note 2: Alternatively, a less preferred opinion is to list only the penalty-free value of the account.

Note 3: Nisaab is taken as the value of 3 ounces of gold. Since the gold price fluctuates, you may update it with the current value.

For further explanations please visit FAQs.

You may pay your Zakat to your local Masjid or to Zakat Chicago or share with both.


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