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About Us

Zakat Chicago is a committee of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. Visit the CIOGC website.



September 18, 2020


Zakat Chicago has an immediate job opening for a full-time Development Director.

Zakat Chicago is a central Zakat Committee established by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC). Its mission is to to institutionalize Zakat in the Greater Chicago area. Accordingly, its activities include the collection and distribution of Zakat, educating Muslims about this Pillar of Islam, and motivating them and facilitating for them the payment of Zakat.

Position Description

The Development Director is primarily responsible for raising funds. The funds raised are Zakat, Sadaqa and grants from charitable Foundations and Trusts. The responsibilities will include management of Zakat Chicago programs, as the time permits.  The responsibilities include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Raise funds, increase the donor base , and maintain and manage donor relations.
  • Look for grant opportunities and apply.
  • Motivate Muslims about paying Zakat and develop ways of facilitating its payment, in cooperation with the area Masajid
  • Promote Zakat Chicago through its website, Facebook page, Google AdWord campaigns, and other social media. Prepare promotional videos, banners, annual brochures, and newsletters, with help from designers. Conduct intensive campaigns via social media, direct mail, email, and direct appeals at Masajid and other special gatherings that are held in and around the month of Ramadan.
  • Facilitate Zakat distribution by seeking Zakat grant applications from local organizations for their Zakat-eligible projects. Maintain relations with these Zakat distribution partners.
  • Coordinate review of Zakat Applications by Zakat Chicago Committee members, disbursement of funds per Committee’s approval and due diligence of the utilization of funds.


  1. Experience and proven expertise in non-profit fundraising concepts & strategies
  2. At least a bachelor’s degree, with courses on not-for-profit organizations and in fundraising
  3. Skills: Excellent English writing and speaking, Communications, Database management, Office Software, and social media
  4. Basic knowledge of Islam, particularly the institution of Zakat
  5. Project management skills, self-motivated, highly organized, and great interpersonal relations

Compensation: Will be commensurate with the qualifications. Benefits are available.

Reporting: The Development Director will report to Zakat Chicago Chairman and coordinate with Committee members per the specific responsibilities they carry.

Apply: Email your resume, cover letter (include salary expectations), and supporting material to jobs@ciogc.org, no later than October 16, 2020.


History of Zakat Chicago

1987 – The Central Zakat Committee (CZC) was first organized at the Downtown Islamic Center (DIC) under the leadership of Dr. Yakub Patel, Chairman of DIC Board of Directors. Br. Ahmed Qadeer was asked to lead the effort. The mission was to centralize the collection and distribution of Zakat in the Chicagoland area.

1991-1992 – The CIOGC (Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago) is established.

1997 – The CIOGC formed a zakat committee. The Chairman of the CIOGC at the time, Dr. Talal Sunbulli, asked Br. Ahmed Qadeer to form an adhoc committee to lead the same effort inside the CIOGC that was led by Br. Ahmed at the DIC.

2001 – The CIOGC completed a initial project definition of the Central Zakat Committee.

2003 – The Central Zakat Committee was restructured and a website was launched. The mission of the Committee was re-defined “to institutionalize zakat in the Greater Chicago area”.

2008 – The name of the committee was changed from Central Zakat Committee to Zakat Chicago. Its scope and operating principle was re-branded as ‘local collection, local distribution’.

Zakat Chicago and the participating organizations (Masajid, Centers, etc.) in the Greater Chicago area take a coordinated approach towards the collection and distribution of zakat.

Each participating organization which collects Zakat typically distributes its zakat to deserving individuals in the community that it represents. Zakat Chicago supports local Muslim community projects in the various Muslim communities in the Greater Chicago area.

Our goal is to continue to increase the number of Masajid and Centers that are working with us – in order to increase the overall number of participating organizations. Our hope is that through such cooperation, the zakat funds collected in the Greater Chicago area are distributed in the most efficient manner possible.

Alhamdulillah, Zakat Chicago has grown steadily since inception – in both community support and financial strength. Over the years, Zakat Chicago has been able to expand the distribution of zakat to various communities and projects in the Greater Chicago area.

We hope and pray, and ask you to join in the prayer, that Allah (swt) helps Zakat Chicago grow in its scope and succeed in its mission, Insha-Allah.

Members of Zakat Chicago are volunteers. We welcome volunteers from any CIOGC member organizations.

Committee Members

  • Mohammed Kaiseruddin, Chairman
  • Quadir Khan
  • Maqsood Quadri
  • Mustaque Ali
  • Hassan Aly
  • Mumtaz Darbar
  • Molham Kattaieh
  • Irshad Khan
  • Mohamad Chehade

Administrative Staff

  • M. Rashid Salam

Consultation with scholars

  • Zakat Chicago consults local Scholars (Ulama) on an as needed basis.

Coordination – Zakat Chicago brings about coordination between Zakat Collecting Organizations, such as:

  • Bolingbrook Masjid
  • Downtown Islamic Center (DIC)
  • Islamic Center Naperville
  • Islamic Center of Northbrook
  • Islamic Community Center of Des Plaines
  • Islamic Community of Wheaton
  • Islamic Foundation North, Libertyville
  • Islamic Foundation, Villa Park
  • Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs, R. Meadows
  • Masjid-ul Huda, Schaumburg
  • Mosque Foundation
  • Muslim Community Center, Chicago
  • Muslim Education Center, Morton Grove
  • Muslim Society Inc (MSI)