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Zakat Basics Guide

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The start of the month of Rajab reminds most Muslims of the fast approaching blessed month of Ramadan.

Muslims practice two Pillars of Islam in Ramadan, namely Salat and Fasting, in fulfillment of Allah’s SWT command. A majority of Muslims also choose to practice a third Pillar, giving Zakat, during this blessed month hoping to multiply their blessings.

Zakat Chicago, whose mission is to “establish Zakat as a living institution,” is pleased to facilitate your practice of this Pillar of Islam.

We invite you to read and download our Zakat Basics Guide to learn about the following aspects of Zakat:

  • Importance of Zakat
  • Special Nature of Zakat
  • Benefits of paying Zakat
  • Consequences for not paying Zakat
  • Personal wealth on which Zakat is due
  • Zakat on restricted funds, loans, and debts
  • Who is eligible to receive Zakat
  • Can Zakat be given to relatives?
  • Etiquette of paying Zakat
  • Zakat payment – when and through who
  • Calculation of Zakat due