• In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Q11. Are minors, insane persons, and prisoners (who have Nisab) obligated to pay Zakat?

Under the condition that they satisfy the Nisab, their guardian should pay Zakat on their behalf. It is incumbent upon that guardian to make sure that the money is growing otherwise the entire amount will be eaten up over a number of years by paying Zakat itself. Various opinions in this regard are:

  1. There is no Zakat on the wealth belonging to an orphan (or insane person).
  2. The guardian shall keep track of the Zakat owed by the orphan under his care, and provide this information to the orphan’s reaching adulthood, and finally let the orphan decide.
  3. If the wealth belonging to the orphan is invested in a business and only if it is growing then the guardian should pay Zakat on the profit. If the wealth is not invested or if there is no profit, no Zakat will be paid.
  4. It is required of the guardian to pay Zakat on behalf of the orphan. (We have adopted this opinion with a strong recommendation for the guardian to invest orphan’s money so it can grow).

The above opinions will also apply to an insane person or a prisoner.